Posted by: joachimvandenbogaert | June 6, 2008

Localization of software applications in .NET: some comments

.NET offers a good infrastructure for making your applications localization-ready. I found some difficulties however when implementing it. This is a small report of my experiences.

  1. If you really want to enable localization the easy way, don’t google for “Resourses” and “resx”, because this will give you a lot of tutorial/posts on using the ResourceManager. There is an easier way. I am not sure wheter it is the best way (more on that later) but in order to understand what .NET can do for you, we will use it anyway.Localization-ready strings are easily added by adding a new resources file to your project in your Visual Studio IDE. By using the Visual Studio application for adding strings to your resources file you can use your resources with IntelliSense enabled. It is important to give your strings an appropriate name and if necessary to store them in different resources files that denote different categories.

    (To be continued … )


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