Posted by: joachimvandenbogaert | April 28, 2008

Unit testing private methods

I was wondering whether it was possible to unit test private methods. I googled up some articels about it.

The main tendency was that it is not encouraged:

This blog presents a workaround by adding a public wrapper for the private method inside debugging code.

This article shows you how to do things more neatly by using reflection in .NET:

Although I agree that unit tests are a great help in driving your design, and make you program against an interface instead of against an implementation, I also find it useful to be able to test (as an exception) some smaller methods. Never say never.

On the other hand, I eventually found out that the private method I was writing, could be useful for other classes too. I ended up including the private method in a utility library. Seems like there is a reason for not unit testing private methods after all.



  1. I personally think that testing private methods is as crucial as public ones. As for the enabling technology, I use Aspect Oriented Programming to access private methods. In fact, I summarized some of the existing workarounds and explained using AOP in a quick blog post

    Please, share your thoughts!

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