Posted by: joachimvandenbogaert | April 3, 2006

Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel 01

Some more on the colors used in Excel and the color names in the .net environment.

  • Excel uses its own color space of 56 colors. Not all .net colors are mapped on the same Excel Color Name!!! I was puzzled by the fact that I had assigned Color.Orange to a particular cell, and when my code was testing it in a conditional statement, it seemed the Colour had changed into Pumpkin, which is defined as “Orange” in the Excel default palette.
  • Although the colours in Office are defined as 32bit integers, you cannot convert them immediately using an (int) cast.b You need a (double) cast first. So when you want to convert a win32 colour to the .net Colour namespace you need the following statements:SomeObject.Interior.Color =

    Color c =

Conclusion: if you want to use colors safely when Interopping Excel, you need to make sure that you map the .net system colors onto the Excel palette.


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